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St Cronan, Anthony Hamilton
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Roscrea History Section

St. Cronan

Founder of Roscrea in the 7th century and a native of the Ely O’Carroll Territory, his father’s name was Odhran while his mother came from west Clare. In his early life Cronan went to Connacht where he founded some monasteries, and had close associations with Clonmacnoise. He then came home to a remote area called Sean Ross where he founded another monastery. This area was very secluded and travellers lost their way trying to find the hospitable Cronan. Saddened by this he built a new monastery on the Slighe Dála and so grew the town of Ros Cré. His life tells that Cronan died in a most reverend old age in his own city of Roscrea. 28th April is his festival day. The life of St Cronan was written in the 12th/13th century and survives in two versions.

Anthony Hamilton

Born in Roscrea in 1645 and reared at Roscrea Castle, Hamilton is the author of the French classic, “The Memoirs of the Count de Grammont”. It has been published many times since they first appeared in 1713. The Memoirs are about his brother-in-law, Philibert, the Count de Grammont who had married his sister Elizabeth Hamilton. They tell of the amorous affairs and intrigues at the court of Charles 11, 1642-44.

The book is written in French and it ranks as a minor classic. It was said ‘that a foreigner should prove himself more French than the French themselves is a unique phenomenon in the history of literature’.

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