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Roscrea, town and country with its history spanning the Iron-age to the present day, is regarded nowadays as a Heritage Town.

Roscrea Facts

The name Roscrea comes from the Irish Ros Cré, meaning The Wood of Cré.

Traditionally a market town as testified by its wide main street, Roscrea is located near the Slieve Bloom Mountains, where in ancient times, the five main Irish roads (the Slighe Dhála) converged.

Today Roscrea remains a centre for both Irish heritage and modern industry, including meat processing and pharmaceuticals.

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Roscrea Heritage Town

Here in the heart of the midlands, Roscrea is one the oldest and most historic towns in Ireland. For thousands of years people have lived in the valley between the Slieve Bloom and the Devils bit mountains. The antiquities and monuments date as far back as the Stone Age and every succeeding age has left its own unique mark on the town and district. The town can trace its roots back to three of the sources our ancient towns have come from, the Aonach, the monastery and the castle. Because of this diversity in origin Roscrea has a wide variety of monuments and stories such as Monaincha, the thirty-first wonder of the world, and Aonach Éile, the great fair of Ely that merchants would come from foreign lands to see. Nowadays these amazing monuments stand as mute sentinels, reminding us of a history and culture.

Roscrea is a town with a strong identity and a long and wonderful history full of intrigue and  suspense.  Coupled with this, Roscrea is a proud town rich in culture and tradition.  Visitors are always welcome.  Be assured Roscrea won’t leave the inquisitive mind disappointed.

Many thanks to Cian O’Meara and George Cunningham for their invaluable help with the history section of this website.  If you would like to add a piece or make an addition to an existing piece then please email Brian King at bking@roscreacu.ie.  Please click on the links below for a taste of the rich and vibrant history that belongs to Roscrea and its hinterland.

Roscrea Castle

Damer House


Roscrea Brooch

Roscrea Pillar

Franciscan Friary

A Book Of Dimma

Sean Ross Abbey

St Cronan's Monastery

The Round Tower & St Cronan's High Cross

Sgt. Marty Maher

The Leap Castle

Ballaghmore Castle

Cloncourse Castle

& St Thomas Seat

Mount Saint Joseph Cistercian Monastery

Seir Kieran & Killavilla Stone Head

Daisy May Bates

Ballinakill Castle

Gloster House

Convent Of The Sacred Heart

John (Jack) Moyney

The Methodist Church

St Cronans Roman Catholic Church

St. Cronans Church Of Ireland

St Cronan

Anthony Hamilton

Roscrea Whiskey

Roscrea Castle, Damer House, Monaincha, Roscrea Brooch
Aonach, Roscrea Pillar,Friary, Book Of Dimma, Sean Ross Abbe
St Cronans Monastery, The Rond Tower, St Cronans Cross
Sgt Martin “Marty” Maher”
Leap Castle
Ballaghmore Castle, Cloncourse Castle, St. Thomas Seat
Mount Saint Joseph Cistercian Monastery
Killavilla Stone Head, Seir Kieran
Daisy Bates
Ballinakill Castle, Gloster House, Sacred Heart Convent
John Moyney
St. Cronans Church of Ireland
The Methodist Church
St Cronans Roman Catholic Church
St Cronan, Anthony Hamilton
Roscrea Whiskey
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